Never Do These 5 Things When Writing for Your Digital Media for Your Business!

Never Do These 5 Things When Writing for Your Digital Media for Your Business!

by | Apr 11, 2016 | Website Resourses

Writing for your website, email newsletter, blog and social media posts can be a very daunting task.  Not only are you writing for your established customers, you are also strategically using keywords that describe your products and services to reach a wider audience.

Well, hopefully you are!  

You’re also writing for compliance, whereas other industries can be quite candid on certain information.  Writing for businesses in the cannabis community takes a very strategic approach when discussing scientific findings or advertisements for certain products.  So when creating copy you must take these things into account.

The writing process can become very chaotic if you let it.  Effective planning goes a long way towards creating your content.  It will help prevent dreaded writer’s block or creating an unclear, jumbled message to your customer.

It’s easier to know what not to do.  Avoid these following pitfalls when creating your digital content and you will be on the road to avoiding preventable mistakes.  

1. Don’t haphazardly approach writing your digital copy.

Do stay organized!  Keep Lists!

Always keep separate lists.  Make lists of the products or services.  These could be on colored post-it notes, a word document, or in a notebook.  List words that describe your brand promise, words that describe the tone of your customers.  Compile them into their own particular list categories.  Keep these close by, next to your computer or on a white board.  Somewhere you can quickly reference them.  If you stay organized you’ll be surprised by how improved your content will become. 2.Don’t write for yourself.


2. Don’t write for yourself! Do write for your customer!

Often times as a business owner you may have your own ideas and biases about what your customers will respond to.  Your content has to be tailored to your customer base, how they talk about their experience with similar products or services.  When you’re developing copy for your website, for example, you want your services and products to be relevant to your customers likes and dislikes.


3. Don’t make medical direct claims that are not approved by the FDA.

Do find a creative way to show your products benefits.

There is an abundance of scientific research indicating that cannabis is an effective treatment for many ailments, such as epilepsy, chronic pain, it has even been shown to kill certain cancers.  The problem is that the feds aren’t having it!  Federal policies prohibit the infused goods manufacturers, dispensaries, collectives, or any direct sales retailers, from making outright claims about various specific medicinal benefits, regardless of how much research has been done.  Your business can provide information about these topics in blogs, social media or email newsletters as long as they are not combined in the sales message on the website.  


4.Don’t misuse keywords.

Do sprinkle them in your content!

The days are long gone where businesses could pad their websites meta section with tons of keywords.  Google has put the mighty smack down on that so businesses have to build their relevance in their search engines by simply creating relevant content.  That doesn’t mean you don’t use keywords.  It just means trying to rank for certain words in not a viable strategy.  You simply produce content first, then add some relevant key phrases, rather than a specific word.  When potential customers search for your service or product your content will appear.  

5. Don’t kill them with too many wordy descriptions.

Do keep It short & sweet.

When writing copy for your digital media you need to keep it short!  Use images to replace lengthy descriptions.  Write out your sentences first then prune off any unnecessary words while still maintaining the important message of the piece of copy.